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Tina Rock

Extreme FBB11

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Buff brunette babe Tina Rock working out with her dumbbells. Tina Rock has huge muscled body, muscled arms and thighs. Tina Rock has straight black hair that flows down all over her shoulders, she also has a huge tattoo on her left arm, and a tramp stamp tattoo. Tina Rock is wearing a sexy green lingerie. Tina Rock lifts her two dumbbells and bent over her sexy huge ass, and flexes her muscled arms as she lifts her dumbbells and works out wearing only her lingerie. Her whole body is covered with oil, and makes a pouty lip while showing off her buff body.

Miss Nikki

Extreme FBB10

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Muscled babe Miss Nikki showing off her bulky muscles and goodies. Miss Nikki has huge round tits, sexy toned abs, big muscled arms and thighs. Miss Nikki has very short hair with pink highlights. She is wearing a tight tube dress and silver high heel leather boots. She also wears silver jewelries to match her clothes and boots. Miss Nikki pulls down her tuber dress revealing her huge round tits, and sexy abs. She spreads her legs and stands topless in front of the fireplace, and both raises her arms and flexes her muscles, showing them off along with her tits.


Extreme FBB9

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Kinky muscular brunette Bella showing off her hard muscled body. Bella has sexy round ass, muscled arms and thighs. Bella has long wavy black hair. She is wearing a sexy tiny tight black dress, black high heels, purple necks lace, and a silver bracelet jewelry on her left wrist. Bella stands near the wall, and raise her right leg and put it on top of a small white leather chair, exposing her round ass and her panty, while modeling her muscled thighs. She puts her right hand on her waist and flexes her right arms while putting her left hand on her head.

Yvette Bova

Extreme FBB8

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Huge muscular Ebony Yvette Bova showing off her huge ripped muscles and huge titties. Yvette Bova, has huge ripped arms and legs, toned abs, and huge round titties. She has curly black hair that flows all over her shoulders. Yvette Bova is wearing a tiny pink two piece bikini, not fully covering her private parts. Her bra and thong has a zipper in the middle. Yvette Bova stands and raises her arms, flexing her huge arms and showing off her ripped muscular biceps. Her whole body is covered with oil, and her round tits are very shinny. She smiles as she models her ripped body.

Tonia Moore

Extreme FBB7

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Muscular brunette Tonia Moore working out with her bikini and models her ripped body muscles. Tonia Moore has ripped muscular arms and legs, gorgeous abs, and small tits. Tonia Moore also has wavy hair that flows all over her shoulders. Tonia Moore sis wearing tiny shinny purple two piece bikini, and her whole body is covered with oil, making whole body shiny, and her muscles stands out. Tonia Moore holds in her both hands her dumbbells. She raises right arm and makes some pumps with her right arms, showing off her strong muscular arms, while wearing her two piece bikini.

Kathy Connors

Extreme FBB6

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Lisa Cross

Extreme FBB5

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Marina Lopez

Extreme FBB4

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Brigita Brezovac

Extreme FBB3

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Debi Laszewski

Extreme FBB2

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